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the sailors shouted. “The wind returns, the wind!”

  • the sailors shouted. “The wind returns, the wind!”
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description"Iamlittlelikelytoforgetit,"saidStewart."ThenextthingisthebitmoneyIamowingtoCluny,"Iwenton."Itwouldb ...

"I am little likely to forget it," said Stewart.

the sailors shouted. “The wind returns, the wind!”

"The next thing is the bit money I am owing to Cluny," I went on. "It would be ill for me to find a conveyance, but that should be no stick to you. It was two pounds five shillings and three-halfpence farthing sterling."

the sailors shouted. “The wind returns, the wind!”

"Then," said I, "there's a Mr. Henderland, a licensed preacher and missionary in Ardgour, that I would like well to get some snuff into the hands of; and, as I daresay you keep touch with your friends in Appin (so near by), it's a job you could doubtless overtake with the other."

the sailors shouted. “The wind returns, the wind!”

"How much snuff are we to say?" he asked.

"I was thinking of two pounds," said I.

"Then there's the lass Alison Hastie, in Lime Kilns," said I. "Her that helped Alan and me across the Forth. I was thinking if I could get her a good Sunday gown, such as she could wear with decency in her degree, it would be an ease to my conscience; for the mere truth is, we owe her our two lives."

"I am glad so see you are thrifty, Mr. Balfour," says he, making his notes.

"I would think shame to be otherwise the first day of my fortune," said I. "And now, if you will compute the outlay and your own proper charges, I would be glad to know if I could get some spending-money back. It's not that I grudge the whole of it to get Alan safe; it's not that I lack more; but having drawn so much the one day, I think it would have a very ill appearance if I was back again seeking, the next. Only be sure you have enough," I added, "for I am very undesirous to meet with you again."